The new frontier in GPR data analysis

IQMaps is a new post-processing software application for advanced GPR data analysis, which provides a fast interfacing between the user and the GPR data. Machine time has been reduced and, contemporarily, real-time processing, advanced target management and 3D visualization have been introduced.

IQMaps provides a step by step approach to guide the user in performing the best and the quickest data analysis with the help of a customisable processing and analysis tool, both for skilled and not skilled users for utility mapping, archaeological and environmental surveys and extensive mapping of large size projects.

IQMaps is now available for the whole IDS GeoRadar Stream family!


  • Revolutionary interface

    Allows an immersive reality during post-processing phase

  • Large areas acquisition

    There is no limit in software use even for acquisition of large areas

  • User friendly

    Ease of use and productivity have been dramatically increased (up to 30.000 sqm in a working day)

  • Georeferenced data

    The new software has been developed with the precise aim to elaborate a georeferenced data after that it has been processed

  • Data easy to be managed

    Intuitive interface with data ease to use and to be managed (scroll, pinch, spread)

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