Active Customer Care

Active Customer Care

You can rely on our worldwide Service Network which makes technical support easily available around the world, anytime and anywhere.

A trusted network of high-level professionals, trained by IDS GeoRadar on specific systems/tasks, is used to work in conjunction with our Headquarters team on any technical support task which may be necessary.

Our job as your reliable partner is to cover all the angles:

  • To provide quick and easy communication between site personnel and skilled experts
  • To keep you and your products up-to-date
  • To understand the issues and anticipate your needs.

The combination of Customer Care Packages and myWorld is an excellent means of building personnel knowledge and confidence and maximising equipment capabilities. It is committed to maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction. Tell us what you want to achieve, and we’ll work tirelessly to help you get there.

Customer support
IDS GeoRadar’s customers benefit from a worldwide support organisation that includes:

  • Telephone hotlines
  • Web-based support
  • Video tutorials
  • Customised training courses
  • Consulting services

Your personnel benefits from direct access to our network of support professionals; obtaining the expert advice they need to work confidently and productively.

Technical service
IDS GeoRadar offers a wide range of technical services, all conducted by highly qualified technicians utilising professional tools. Three different levels of CCPs are available to choose from, depending on the product and usage. Service costs and downtime can be significantly reduced through periodic preventative maintenance, and you benefit from equipment that is always in top condition. The broad service offering includes certification services, repairs and product upgrades.

Powerful and dense network of service
9 service centers in 9 countries are operated by IDS GeoRadar or certified local distribution partners whose technicians are trained by IDS GeoRadar. All service centres are regularly controlled and re-certified, and operate with the same IDS GeoRadar-designed professional tools and equipment.

Customer Care Packages
IDS GeoRadar Customer Care Packages (CCPs) ensure you achieve maximum value from your investment. When you buy a CCP, you immediately start to benefit from instant access to our global network of professional support and service teams while you work. With a range of three different CCPs, you will be sure to obtain the package that best suits your particular requirements and budget. From Silver to Maintenace, IDS GeoRadar has the right Customer Care Package for your business.

myWorld @IDS GeoRadar

myWorld information portal provides instant access to information and knowledge that helps keep you and your equipment up-to-date, for maximum value and efficiency. myWorld also provides your personnel with training and support to help them achieve

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