Tactical and Compact Safety Monitoring Radar


IDS GeoRadar, a leading provider of radar solutions for slope stability monitoring, has expanded its expertise to further applications of its revolutionary ArcSAR technology. HYDRA-X is a high-resolution, high-accuracy, quick-deployment monitoring radar system designed to improve safety in open pits, strip coal mines, tailing dams, and industrial minerals operations.

HYDRA-X ensures a spatial resolution two times finer than any other slope monitoring radar on the market. By close monitoring of hanging benches over working areas or elements at-risk, HYDRA-X can measure sub-bench scale instabilities. With a max scan range of 800 meters, at-risk areas can be safely monitored even for the smallest rock movement.

HYDRA-X features on-site processing and alarming, an optical HD camera with visual imagery linked to radar data and refreshed scans every 30 seconds. Information is always available for quick reaction even in case of sudden accelerations, and people immediately alerted in the field.

The compact and lightweight design makes HYDRA-X easily transportable with a light vehicle. One single person can operate the radar for quick deployment in critical areas. Very low in power demand, HYDRA-X can be supplied with a combination of solar panels and fuel cells, providing 60 days full autonomy with almost zero maintenance.

HYDRA-X represents the perfect solution for monitoring quarries and small excavations where radar monitoring can contribute to the optimization of slope design and extraction planning by improving the overall risk management. The versatility of the systems makes it perfect for focused monitoring of tailing embankments and working sectors in strip coal mines.


  • Spatial coverage: horizontal field of view up to 120° and vertical of 30°
  • Scan speed: a new acquisition is performed every 30 seconds
  • Accuracy: line of sight displacement with an accuracy of 0.1mm
  • Internal rechargeable battery pack, optional power supply options (solar, fuel cells) and line power connection
  • HD camera
  • Operates in all weather conditions and temperatures (-20°C to +50°C), IP65
  • Alert generation with user-defined displacement, velocity and inverse velocity criteria
  • Instant data processing and on-site alarm generation
  • Built-in geotechnical analysis tools


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Contact our sales team and get detailed information about IDS GeoRadar products and services.
Contact our sales team and get detailed information about IDS GeoRadar products and services.