Early detection ground penetrating radar


An unique ground penetrating radar (GPR) solution for the early detection of concrete bridge decks deterioration, the RIS Hi-BrigHT has an innovative design and sophisticated software. RIS Hi-BrigHT revolutionises bridge inspection using GPR, enabling:

  • Measurement of pavement and concrete slab and asphalt thickness;
  • Determination of reinforcement cover depth and thickness;
  • Automatic detection of rebars;
  • Detection of areas affected by corrosion;
  • Location of deck slab and protective concrete damage;
  • Utilities mapping;
  • Delamination detection.

The RIS Hi-BrigHT features:

  • Massive antenna array: Two rows of eight double polarized 2GHz antennas provide highly detailed 3D underground tomography. Greater detail enables a more accurate diagnosis of bridge deck anomalies.
  • Dual polarisation: Dual polarisation increases depth of penetration and quality of the imaging.
  • Fast data collection: Hi-Bright is 1 meter wide and can scan a bridge with passes in a single direction. The time needed to inspect a bridge is reduced by 16 times compared to a single antenna ground penetrating radar.
  • Automatic generated moisture map: The post processing software is able to automatically generate a map of the bridge deck’s general moisture zone. This map is obtained using a proprietary IDS algorithm.

Benefits of the RIS Hi-BrigHT include:

  • Easy interpretation of data using software specifically designed for bridge analysis
  • Reduction in blocked traffic due to a 10 times reduction in survey time
  • More accurate planning
  • Reduced bridge restoration costs

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