Non-intrusive ground penetrating and interferometric radar solutions that gather detailed and accurate information on large near-surface areas.

Civil Engineering

Our products and services for the Civil Engineering industry meet the varying needs and necessities of our customers.

Forensics & Public Safety

Search and rescue, tunnel location, intrusion detection, UXO, landmine and buried IED detection, using GPR’s unique sensitivity to non-metallic structures.

Geology & Environment

IDS Ground-penetrating and interferometric radar technologies offer the perfect solution for Environmental/Geological risk management.


IBIS a leading tool for slope monitoring thanks to its ability to rapidly measure slope movements with sub-millimeter accuracy over large areas.


A quick and inexpensive means to verify the condition of a structure with regular inspections and non-destructive test methods.

Utility Mapping and Detection

A range of non-intrusive utility detection and mapping products which exploit the most advanced ground penetrating radar technologies and methodologies.

Case Studies

Read the testimonials from our clients around the world on how they put our products and solutions to use.