RIS Hi-Pave

High speed GPR

RIS Hi-Pave

A ground penetrating radar solution designed for high speed road assessment surveys,  RIS Hi-Pave is able to operate with several antennas at the same time.  The system provides a complete assessment of road conditions, such as:

  • Pavement thickness measurement;
  • Surface, base and sub-base road course assessment;
  • Detection of cavities, voids and delamination;
  • Location of cracks;
  • Detection of wet areas;
  • Airport runway condition assessment.

The RIS Hi-Pave features:

  • Horn Antennas: Achieve high speeds without damaging the antenna. Equipped with air launched horn antennas, these can be used without contact with the surface.
  • Speed: Hi-Pave is the fastest ground penetrating radar for road evaluation at three times the rate of the nearest radar in the market. It can reach up to 260 Km/h with a single antenna configuration and 10 cm data sampling or 130 km/h with a dual antenna configuration and 10 cm data sampling.
  • Semi-automatic procedure for layer recognition: The post processing software uses a semi-automatic procedure to collect information of road subsurface layers.
  • Modular: Hi-Pave can operate with up to eight antennas in a chain connection using the same control unit. This can also include lower frequency antennas (typically a 600 MHz* or a 400/900MHz dual frequency) for grade and subgrade evaluations.

Benefits of the RIS Hi-Pave include:

  • Pavement status evaluation for new road construction (comparing completed pavement, grade and sub grade against design specifications);
  • Periodical status monitoring of road and runaway conditions for preventive maintenance;
  • Minimise survey and processing time with high-speed GPR and semi-automatic layer detection
  • Flexible solution that can integrate up to eight GPR antennas;

RIS Hi-Pave

The Fastest & Most Flexible Solution for Road & Runways Assessment Surveys

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