Our portfolio of products and solutions are used in a diverse mix of applications benefitting professionals worldwide.

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Our products can be used in a variety of applications, from Utility Mapping or Civil Engineering to Slope Monitoring.

Demo: Exploring IDS GeoRadar Hydra-G

Early monitoring can prevent extreme deformations, saving costs and increasing safety.

September 2019 Customer Magazine

Searching for hidden chambers adjacent to Tutankhamun’s tomb

About IDS GeoRadar

IDS GeoRadar provides products and solutions for Geophysical, Mining, Civil Engineering and Security applications.

Demo: Exploring RockSpot and GeoCloud

In this session, Francesco Coppi, IDS GeoRadar Head of Interferometric Radar Product Management, illustrates RockSpot explaining how all integrated data and relevant...

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How digital realities are transforming the way we interact with data and understand the world around us

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