Archaeology and the cultural heritage field can greatly benefit from reliable and non-destructive analysis to map areas and structures present in the subsoil without the need for excavation. This is especially relevant in urban areas such as city centres and suburbs.

IDS GeoRadar solutions provide both non-intrusive ground penetrating and interferometric radar solutions that gather detailed and accurate information on large near-surface areas.

GPR solutions (Stream X, RIS MF Hi-Mod, RIS One & RIS Plus): Using highly sensitive instruments technicians can measure, map, and interpret data signals received by the GPR system into useful information. GPR generated maps provide changes in the soil features that can be used to differenciate subsurface interface, detect the presence and the shape of ancient buried objects, giving to archaeologists useful information to identify excavation sites. The products are essential for the non-intrusive study of areas where excavation is not desired, such as sites containing culturally sensitive artefacts e.g. burial sites or religious sites. This solution allows a detailed survey of the site while leaving it undisturbed.

Interferometric Radar solution (IBIS-FM, IBIS-FS): The Interferometric Radar technology embedded in the IBIS product line allows the remote monitoring of movements of structures such as towers, buildings and historical monuments with sub-millimetre accuracy. Thanks to the advanced technological system instruments can be operated remotely and there is no need for direct contact with the target being monitored. IBIS-FM generates a continuous and broad supply of deformation maps as opposed to periodic information provided by current contact sensors, with unprecedented measurement speed and accuracy.

IDS GeoRadar Archaeology Surveys

  • Detection and mapping of underground structures;
  • GPR survey of small and wide archaeological sites;
  • Structural analysis of historical buildings;
  • Monitoring of movements of structures such as towers, buildings and historical monuments.

IDS GeoRadar Advantages

  • Extensive archaeological site mapping including vehicle-mobile GPR allowing fast and reliable surveying of large off-road areas;
  • Multi-frequency, multi-channel technology – IDS GeoRadar is the first company to offer multi frequency array solutions;
  • Flexibility – IDS GeoRadar control unit is designed to work with all IDS GeoRadar antennas ensuring easily upgrade without additional cost and to use multiple antennas connected in chain enabling advanced and custom GPR solution;
  • Quality & Reliability – IDS GeoRadar has a comprehensive quality system in place, headed by highly qualified and experienced experts who perform rigorous IDS GeoRadar Quality Assessment on each project;
  • Dedicated solution to remote monitoring of cultural heritage such as monuments, towers and bridges.

RIS One & RIS Plus

Compact and lightweight ground penetrating radar

Stream X

Underground 3D mapping with GPR


Large area GPR with 3D imaging


Remote static and dynamic monitoring


The advanced configuration for remote static and dynamic monitoring