Forensics & Public Safety

GPR’s unique sensitivity to non-metallic structures embedded in soils, rocks and building materials results in GPR seeing use in diverse applications such as search and rescue, tunnel and cavities location. Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) has become an important forensic tool used by law enforcement agencies to perform several types of searches such as for buried bodies, hiding places and objects. In most cases this crucial evidence would mean the difference between proving a case or having a lesser charge applied due to lack of incriminating evidence. A ground penetrating radar (GPR) is able to remotely and non-invasively detect underground anomalies when all other instruments typically react to magnetic fields and are hence not able to find non-metallic objects. In addition security personnel and border patrols use ground penetrating radar in various configurations to detect and locate the presence of tunnels or detect movement near exterior walls or in buildings. This technology is key to helping protect borders to secure areas.

GPR Solutions

The equipment used for this application is the most versatile IDS GeoRadar product, RIS One & RIS Plus, which can easily be operated with different trolleys and modules depending on the specific environment. Based on the application other suitable products for this application are Aladdin and RIS MF Hi-Mod.

IDS GeoRadar forensic and public security services:

  • Tunnel detection
  • Cavities detection
  • Hidden objects and place detection
  • Search and rescue mission

IDS GeoRadar advantages:

  • Multi-frequency, multi-channel technology – IDS GeoRadar is the first company to offer multi frequency array solutions;
  • Flexibility – IDS GeoRadar control unit is designed to work with all IDS GeoRadar antennas ensuring easy upgrades without additional costs, and to use multiple antennas connected in chain enabling advanced and custom GPR solutions;
  • Quality & Reliability – IDS GeoRadar has a comprehensive quality system in place, headed by highly qualified and experienced experts who perform rigorous IDS GeoRadar Quality Assessment on each project.

Stream X

Underground 3D mapping with GPR

RIS One & RIS Plus

Compact and lightweight ground penetrating radar


Large area GPR with 3D imaging


3D Ground Penetrating Radar for concrete inspection