Regular inspection and maintenance of road and rail networks can cause massive disruption to private and commercial traffic which in turn can lead to revenue loss. For regular inspections, non-destructive test methods such as Ground Penetrating Radar and ground based Interferometry may provide a quick and inexpensive means to establish whether a structure is still in a serviceable condition or not. The results from these investigations can improve the quality of information by eliminating the subjectivity associated with current inspection techniques.

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GPR solutions - RIS Hi-Pave, SRS SafeRailSystem

IDS Transport Engineering Services

Roads - High-speed multichannel radar system for Road Assessment Surveys. Railways - High-speed radar system for the inspection of ballast quality.

  • Pavement thickness measurement;
  • Surface, base and sub-base road assessment;
  • Detection of cavities, voids and delamination;
  • Location of cracks;
  • Detection of sections with drainage problems;
  • Airport runway condition assessment;
  • Verification tests for road construction (comparing pavement, grade and sub grade as built compared to specifications)

Railways - High-speed radar system for the inspection of ballast quality.

  • Continuous mapping of ballast thickness;
  • Locates areas with insufficient bearing capacity  (e.g. ballast pockets);
  • Differentiates between clean and fouled ballast;
  • Detects sections with drainage problems;
  • Identification of undertrack conditions down to a depth of 3 metres and over.

Interferometric Radar solutions -  IBIS-FM, IBIS-FS

IBIS runs on IDS’s pioneering Interferometric Radar technology which is an important part of geodetic measurements. The technology allows the remote monitoring of displacements and movements of large areas or with sub-millimetre pinpoint accuracy. IBIS products are used for establish structural health monitoring of bridges, buildings and towers by monitoring static and dynamic analysis remotely as well as for predicting possible dangerous landslide and rock fall close to road and railways.

IDS Transport Engineering Solution Advantages

  • High Speed - Continuous and complete scan of road and ballast conditions at unsurpassed speed; complete static and dynamic analysis of structures in few minutes;
  • Ease of Use - Easy interpretation of the result thanks to IDS post processing software;
  • Competitive Rates – cost effectve solutions for all the clients by utilizing the very latest technology and experienced personnel located worldwide;
  • Expertise – high-quality technical experience to help you design a specific solution for your requirements. A dedicated sales team is always on hand to offer technical expertise for all client needs;
  • Safety improvements for parsonnel & equipment.

RIS Hi-Pave

Ground penetrating radar for high speed road assessment surveys

SRS SafeRailSystem

GPR for railway ballast inspection


Ground penetrating radar for early deterioration detection


Remote static and dynamic monitoring


The advanced configuration for remote static and dynamic monitoring


High-resolution radar system for early warning and real-time monitoring of buildings, dams, tunnels, mining infrastructures, and cut-slopes

Leica Nova TM50

Most accurate and reliable imaging monitoring total stations

Leica Nova MS60

One instrument for all your surveying tasks, bringing sensor fusion to the next level

Leica GM30

All-in-one GNSS monitoring receiver

Leica GMX910

GNSS receiver with integrated antenna for monitoring