Geology & Environment

IDS GeoRadar products and services for the Geology and Environment industry span from Ground Penetrating Radar solutions for near surface investigation such as bedrock configuration, location of pipes and tanks, location of the groundwater surface, borehole investigations, and others to Interferometric Radar solutions for monitoring terrain movements and vibrations, such as landslides and slopes, terrain subsidence, glaciers and avalanches and volcanoes.

IDS GeoRadar Ground-penetrating and interferometric radar technologies offer the perfect solution for Environmental/Geological risk management.

GPR solutions - Stream X, RIS One & RISPlus

Ground penetrating radar use multiple frequency antennas to offer non-destructive and non-invasive high-resolution detection, imaging and mapping of subsurface soils and rock conditions.

IDS GeoRadar is the manufacturer of the most compact and lightweight antennas available on the market. Single or multi-channel radar control unit allows not only an increased acquisition speed through a high stacking factor but also an improved penetration depth. The system is supported by antennas operating in 25 the MHz to 2 GHz frequency range. IDS GeoRadar have also multi channel multi frequency solution towed by vehicle dedicated to extensive underground mapping in rough terrain.

Interferometric Radar solutions - IBIS-FM, HYDRA-G

Radar Interferometry allows the remote monitoring of movements of large areas (landslides, slopes, volcanoes, glaciers etc.) and of structures (dams, bridges, towers, buildings etc.) with sub-millimetre accuracy.

IBIS and HYDRA technologies revolutionize the traditional approach to measuring the movements and deformations of territories and structures its innovative features include:

  • Remote monitoring: capable of monitoring displacements without any access needed to the scenario investigated and at a distance of up to 4 Km;
  • Wide area monitoring: up to several square kilometers can be monitored at once: while other sensors measure the displacement of one selected point at a time, IBIS measures the simultaneous displacement of the entire scenario in real time;
  • High accuracy: sub-millimeter measurement accuracy: 1/10 mm in normal situations; up to 1/100 mm in particular conditions;
  • Any time, all-weather operation: capable of operating in all conditions: day, night, fog and rain;
  • Autonomous operation: the system can operate permanent or long running monitoring without human intervention. Real- time feedback on displacement allows its use as an early-warning device.

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IDS GeoRadar Geology & Environment Advantages

  • Risk Mitigation - IDS GeoRadar provides services to identify which geologic hazards can impact existing or proposed developments, and make recommendations to mitigate the impacts
  • Customized solutions - RIS One & RIS Plus for Geology & Environment appliations is available with a comprehensive set of antennas from 25 MHz to 2 GHz including multifrequency and borehole antennas;
  • Usability - The most compact and lightweight antennas available on the market, driven by an unsurpassed multichannel radar control
  • Safety - IBIS-FM and HYDRA-G solutions for remote monitoring of landslides and slopes and real-time two-dimensional mapping of simultaneous displacements
  • Any time –  IBIS-FM is capable of operating in all conditions: day, night, fog and rain.



RockSpot is an innovative radar system able to locate, track and alert on rockfalls, avalanches and debris flows in real time.

RIS One & RIS Plus

Compact and lightweight ground penetrating radar


High-resolution radar system for early warning and real-time monitoring of buildings, dams, tunnels, mining infrastructures, and cut-slopes

Stream X

Underground 3D mapping with GPR

Leica Nova TM50

Most accurate and reliable imaging monitoring total stations

Leica Nova MS60

One instrument for all your surveying tasks, bringing sensor fusion to the next level

Leica GM30

All-in-one GNSS monitoring receiver

Leica GMX910

GNSS receiver with integrated antenna for monitoring