The new Remote Diagnostics Functionality

IDS GeoRadar and Leica Geosystems announce a new Remote Diagnostics functionality for faster troubleshooting in GPR systems.

PISA, Italy (18 January 2024)IDS GeoRadar and Leica Geosystems introduce an essential software update with a new Remote Diagnostics functionality for a higher efficiency in the support to users of their GPR systems: IDS GeoRadar Stream UP, Stream DP, Opera Duo, Chaser XR and Leica Geosystems DSX and DS2000.

The latest Remote Diagnostics functionality, based on Hexagon Edge technology, ensures to maximize troubleshooting efficiency by sharing diagnostics data of GPR systems transparently via Cloud: from the on-field device to the Customer Support’s desktop.

This update - available for uMap, uNext and DXplore field software - enables the easy and fast sharing of diagnostics data to streamline customer support. With no additional installation, users can now transparently provide support teams with fast access to diagnostic data of their devices and allow for a rapid identification of the issues that require support.

While users can benefit of a ready-to-go Customer Support for timely troubleshooting around their GPR devices, support experts on the other side can remotely and timely define the necessary supportive actions to maximize product’s uptime and successfully assist customers.

Providing customers with the right tools for an ever more efficient and fast support is a key matter for the Radar and Monitoring Hexagon division.” says Gianluca Paesanti, GPR Product Manager at IDS GeoRadar “The latest Remote Diagnostics functionality allows to quickly detect possible on site issues allowing for a greater efficiency in the support offered to customers. A faster problem solving means a reduced product downtime with a higher productivity of on-field activities.”

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