Introducing Slide3 Live Integration with Rocscience


PISA, Italy, (12 February 2020) IDS GeoRadar and Rocscience are thrilled to announce the next step in Slide3 integration with radar monitoring data. Newly added to the program is the ability to automatically import live IDS GeoRadar monitoring data for contouring on the existing model. In previous versions of the program, users could import radar data from a CSV file. The difference now is that users can establish a direct live connection to a data server using a REST API.

The collaboration between IDS GeoRadar and Rocscience represents an industry milestone towards improvement and innovation. This partnership has already brought innovation to the geotechnical engineer community by allowing accessible data exchange between radars and Rocscience software platforms.

The integration has now reached another step. Slide3 now supports direct integration with the IBIS Guardian server database.  Geo-reference IBIS radar maps can be automatically imported and overlaid onto Slide3 with a simple link to the Guardian server, pioneering the way to an intelligent slope management system.

Such a system would have the effect of bringing together predictive models with live monitoring data, offering geotechnical engineers an additional way of reconciling design and actual slope performance.  This amalgamation would facilitate ongoing or continuous optimization of slope design, enabling not only automatic refinement of numerical models but also automatic identification of potential instabilities before they turn into actual slope failures.

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