IDS GeoRadar’s unrivalled expertise in innovative slope monitoring radar has once again led to a technological revolution by introducing the next generation radar system based on the ArcSAR technology.

IBIS-ArcSAR is designed for fast deployment and robustness to ensure the highest safety standards to manage risk conditions with confidence. Whether it is a strategic or tactical positioning, IBIS-ArcSAR delivers unprecedented flexibility and performance to make critical decisions.

IBIS-ArcSAR is the first and only radar in the mining industry to provide 360° pit coverage capabilities from one single equipment. The system leverages the widest and longest range (5,000 meters), and the shortest scan time (360° in 40s; 180° in 20s) as well as built-in GNSS for auto-geocoding.

The outstanding spatial resolution of 10 million pixels sets new standards for critical safety monitoring by covering the full scale of slope instabilities from sub-bench to broad wall movements even at long distances. Quality of data is always guaranteed by IDS GeoRadar’s state-of-the-art atmospheric correction algorithm and smart data management system.

IBIS-ArcSAR is also the first full 3D SAR radar system utilizing the proprietary mimo antenna array and automatic DTM survey. The system also features integrated panoramic HD camera providing real time imagery of pit walls and immediate visualization of critical areas.

Integrating seamlessly into the Guardian FPM360 suite, IBIS-ArcSAR can dramatically expand overlap areas of multiple IBIS radars to exploit the unique TrueVector capabilities, delivering a rich geotechnical environment. One solution combines radar data, prism displacement and slow movement analysis into a single versatile platform without the need to invest in additional software.


  • Scan range: up to 5,000m
  • Maximum coverage: 360° H x 120° V (70° V per session)
  • Scan time: 360° in 40s; 180° in 20s
  • Resolution: 10 million pixels for full resolution scan
  • Integrated solar panels, diesel generator and optional wind turbine
  • 3D SAR1 and automatic DTM survey
  • Built-in HD camera on rotating radar head (with link to radar data)    
  • Integrated GNSS
  • Operates in all weather conditions and temperatures (-20°C/-50°C2 to +55°C)
  • Power consumption: 100W
  • Fully remote operation (wireless radio link) and optimized file size for low bandwidth
  • Alarm generation with user-defined levels and multiple alarm criteria
  • Zero delays in data processing and alarm generation
  • Exportability of georeferenced output to mine planning software
  • Built-in geotechnical analysis tools
  • Integration in FPM360 TrueVector suite

1 Patented
2 With low-temperature kit


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Next Generation 3D SAR Radar Revolutionizing Safety in Slope Monitoring with a Stunning 360° Wall Coverage