Rockspot is the innovative radar system for risk mitigation, able to locate, track and debris flows in real time. Get data on rockfalls in real time.


Locating, tracking and notifying on rockfalls

RockSpot radar

RockSpot is an innovative radar system able to locate, track and notify on rockfalls. It’s the industry’s first end-to end solution able to trigger notifications on rockfalls and create a full rockfall database to maximize rockfall hazard management. RockSpot never sleeps providing continuous monitoring night and day filling the gap in critical monitoring in mining. 

Events database for improved risk mitigation and planning 
RockSpot acts as a 24/7 rockfall reporter. Rockfalls are tracked, stored and automatically classified in an events database to perform data analysis with multiple statistical tools: exploring custom defined areas and single falling events in detail. RockSpot supports an efficient rockfall risk zonation, TARP fine tuning and back analysis to reduce operational and geotechnical risks.

Real-time notifications for in sync risk management
This compact and powerful radar picks up falling rocks in near to real time and working crews receive prompt notification for action along with immediate access to all event’s details. With an external long-running energy solution, users can depend on 24/7 monitoring coverage for safety.

Integrated monitoring solution with GeoCloud
Users can access RockSpot data from the innovative GeoCloud platform, a web-based application. Optimised for mobile devices, GeoCloud provides immediate access to all important data relative to the rockfall events. All slope movements are georeferenced and overlaid on site map and multiple statistical tools consent an advanced customizable data analysis of rockfall events.

EsT | Equalized scrambled Technology (等化スクランブル技術)

EsT は、アンテナの放射性能全体を利用して GPR 信号を完全に制御することができ、最高のノイズ除去を行い、低周波と高周波の両方を捕捉して、深度範囲の拡大と高分解能を実現し、ユーティリティ探査の新たな可能性を提供します。

IDS GeoRadar が特許を取得したこの革新的な技術は、これまで達成できなかった GPR 性能を提供し、今まで深度範囲と分解能のどちらか一方でしか対応できなかった埋設物の位置特定を、深度範囲と分解能の両方にて行うことができるようになりました。EsT 技術により、Stream DP は、市場で入手可能な他のソリューションと比較して、より深いレンジで地下資産を最大限に検出する比類のない GPR 性能を提供することができます。

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Contact our sales team and get detailed information about IDS GeoRadar products and services.
Contact our sales team and get detailed information about IDS GeoRadar products and services.

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Maximize rockfall hazard management
Maximize rockfall hazard management