IBIS Rover

The steeper open pit mines become, the more unstable their walls and slopes will be. With the safety of workers at risk and equipment threatened, safely long-term monitoring slopes around-the-clock is a necessity. With early detection, accidents can be prevented. With long-term analysis, pits design can be optimized.

IBIS-Rover offers a mobile monitoring solution. It provides all the benefits of the IDS industry-leading radar monitoring technology, and is ideal for tactical positioning, long-wall open cut operations and frequent relocations in multiple-pit operations. The Rover is a weatherproof,  fully integrated trailer solution with one-touch setup for fast deployment in critical areas and automatic Digital Terrain Model (DTM) generation capabilities.

IBIS Rover, being the only Synthetic Aperture Radar with a 2500 m operative range and an extremely broad coverage (up to 270°), thanks to the rotating antenna capabilities. has an unprecedented flexi-bility to fit any pit geometry, no matter how articulated, It is designed to provide highly accurate, real-time measurements of slope movements and alert monitoring specialists of fast movements.

The IBIS-Rover is ideal for:

  • Rapid installation when urgent active monitoring is required;
  • Long-wall open cut operations (i.e. coal strip mining operations);
  • Multiple open-pits or pits with complex geometry;
  • Wherever frequent relocation is required and long range capabilities are not needed.


  • Real-time monitoring at ranges from 50 to 2,500 metres
  • Fast scan time  approximately 1 - 3 minutes
  • Alarm generation for user-defined levels and multiple alarm/multiple area criteria
  • Fully geo-referenced outputs of visuals in radar view or high quality DTM, easily exportable to 3D mine mining packages
  • Robust automatic atmospheric correction
  • Operates in all weather conditions
  • Fully self-powered operation with approximately 15 days of autonomous power
  • Rugged operation in temperatures ranging from  -20 °C to +55 °C . Optional low-temperature kit extends the range to -50 °C.

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IBIS Rover

Mobile Medium-range Radar for Broad Area Slope Monitoring