Ground penetrating radar for mobile mass data collection


Stream EM in accompaniment with the Leica Pegasus:Two offers a solution that provides an integrated hardware platform for extensive 3D mapping of both underground utilities and surface features in only one scan.

This ground penetrating radar solution allows mobile mass data collection of underground utilities due to the use of a massive array of antennas. At the same time as capturing calibrated imagery and point cloud data, the solution uses:

  • Laser scanner (or several scanners)
  • LiDAR technology
  • GNSS receiver
  • Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)
  • Distance Measurement Instrument (DMI)

All on a mobile platform (vehicle), acquire accurate and precise spatial data.

The solution has been conceived to cover tens of hectares per day, obtaining the best underground utility and surface surveys while maintaining the same 15 km/h maximum data collection speed.

Combining positioning data provided by the Leica Pegasus:Two with the comprehensive 3D underground view supplied by the IDS Stream EM enables very accurate reconstruction of the geospatial coordinates of assets irrespective of variations in the scanning trajectory (which is not always straight) and the elevation. As a result, it is possible to produce a very accurate map of underground assets with a resolution of just a few cm/inches.

The availability of a complete knowledge of underground facilities enables better decisions to be made in the design of new installations. A reduction in the risk of unforeseen problems due to utilities or major anomalies, such as sinkholes being discovered during the construction phase, is also achieved.

The system features:

  • Can be towed by a vehicle up to 15 km/h (9 mph) and can run continuously without blocking traffic.
  • Accurate to as little as 5 cm (2 inches) - Stream provides accurate geolocalisation of the surveyed area and individually distinguishes all pipes, cables and anomalies detected.
  • Cost and time reductions: Can cover tens of hectares per day with no need to block traffic.
  • Marries imagery and point cloud data into a single calibrated, user-intuitive platform.
  • Fully calibrated spherical view through an optional dome camera to enable city modeling.
  • Capture and edit 3D spatial objects from images or within the point cloud.
  • No need for dedicated or modified vehicles.
  • Software enables access to Esri® ArcGIS for Desktop.

Benefits of the Pegasus:Stream include:

  • Improved management of utility and surface mapping via a comprehensive 3D model of the below and above ground facilities;
  • Accurate X-Y-Z location of underground assets in absolute geographic coordinates;
  • Cost and time reductions: Improves traditional GPR productivity by a factor > 20;Facilitates large surveys: The system can be towed manually or with a small vehicle, increasing the acquisition speed (up to 6 km/h).
  • Increase in accuracy with a detection accuracy of as little as 5 cm (2 inches);
  • Increase productivity and detect every buried target.

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Contact our sales team and get detailed information about IDS GeoRadar products and services.
Contact our sales team and get detailed information about IDS GeoRadar products and services.