Ground Penetrating Radar GPR Case Studies

Stream C

Pieman River Pipelines monitoring with IDS GeoRadar GPR

Stream C used by UDM Group discovered a pipeline buried below the surface 

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Anticipating the ice avalanche with radar data

Interferometric radar for safety in critical ice avalanche monitoring in Switzerland 

Published in the Leica Geosystems Magazine: Reporter 81

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Ensuring sound infrastructure

Multichannel ground penetrating radar for bridge deck assessment in Italy

Published in the Leica Geosystems Magazine: Reporter 80

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Going below to protect the above

Underground survey for archaeological artefacts using Ground Penetrating Radar in the United Kingdom

Published in the Leica Geosystems Magazine: Reporter 79

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GPR Survey at Lincoln Cathedral

Technics uses Stream C to undertake a GPR Survey in ancient Lincoln Cathedral buildings

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GPR Solution for Road Assessment Survey

The fastest and most flexible solution for Road Assessment Survey.

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GPR Solution for Bridge Deck Surveying

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GPR site testing in Rovereto with Hi-MOD system

The test area is a 1500 square meters wide trapezium. Many T and L scans were made to detect well known buried structures.

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Peddocks Island

Archaeological survey with multi-channel Ground Penetrating Radar.

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Multichannel Ground Penetrating Radar for bridge deck assessment

High-speed NDT technologies such as ground-penetrating radar, infrared thermography, and impact echo scanning have been increasingly used in recent years for bridge deck condition assessment.

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Sherbrooke bridge deck surveying

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Test with IDS GeoRadar Stream EM GPR solution Ankara - Turkey

On July 11th 2012 IDS GeoRadar was invited from ASKI (Ankara Su ve Kanalizasyon Idaresi) to test the STREAM system, an advanced solution towed by vehicle based on massive array of multi-frequency antennas.

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STREAM EM for extensive utility mapping

Waipounamu Drive, Timaru Grove and Haast Close at Kelson, New Zealand.

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STREAM EM survey in a tank farm Dukhan - Qatar

The STREAM EM survey was performed in a tank farm used to store fresh water for the city of Dukhan - Qatar.

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GPR Configuration in Tunneling

Geotechnical application in a under construction Tunnel along the rail track close to Ferrandina-Matera (Italy).

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