A partnership that brings us closer to intelligent slope design

21st, September 2018, Pisa Italy

IDS GeoRadar has partnered with Rocscience to integrate deformation monitoring data from IDS' slope monitoring radars into slope stability numerical models in Slide3 and RS3. This integration is a first in the industry and a step forward towards "intelligent slope design". The high reliability in slope modelling and analysis, advanced use of radars, will result in faster and smoother work for geotechnical engineers.

A first in the industry. Thanks to a "direct dialogue" between the two platforms, the next releases of Slide3 and RS3 will allow users to overlap radar maps onto numerical model results using the georeferencing data imported from IDS GeoRadar interferometric radars. Thanks to the latest ArcSAR technology, it is possible to capture deformations every minute on the entire slope .

Get more from your radar. Our radars are primarily critical monitoring devices, but they also collect large amounts of valuable information that was only marginally exploited up until today. The use of radar data provided by radar map overlays will allow advanced calibration and refinement of model input parameters in Slide3 and RS3, resulting in improved reliability of the numerical models.

Faster geotechnical analysis. The radar data will be integrated through a streamlined workflow that will allow geotechnical engineers to focus on modeling and slope analysis rather than waste time importing and converting files.

Advanced Slope Design. The IDS GeoRadar-Rocscience partnership brings us closer to the so-called "intelligent slope design", where models are "intelligently" updated in real time as terrain conditions and behavior are better interpreted.

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