Civil Engineering

In today's highly competitive world, infrastructures such as buildings, bridges and roads, are drivers of productivity and support economic growth. Infrastructure maintenance is crucial to economic prosperity as well as to the health and safety of the community. Technology that can quickly and accurately identify and pinpoint the location of structural defects can help civil and structural engineers to optimize limited budgets, avert potentially catastrophic accidents while minimizing huge financial human loss.

IDS GeoRadar products and services for the Civil Engineering industry are based on two different kinds of technologies that meet the varying needs and necessities of our customers.

GPR solutions (Aladdin, RIS Hi-BrigHT, RIS One & RIS Plus): Ground penetrating radar is non-destructive and non-invasive technology for condition assessment and inspection  of concrete structures. IDS GeoRadar GPR systems can use the combination of multiple frequency antennas to provide faster and more accurate inspections. Current applications for structural engineers include locating, spacing and depth of reinforced steel, post tensioning cables or anchors, measuring rebar cover, mapping voids, and  clearing areas prior to cutting, coring and trenching. Thanks to dedicated software our solution are able to export easily 3D model of the data acquired as well as provide a complete condition assessment map directly in the field.

Interferometric Radar solution (IBIS-FL, IBIS-FS): The Interferometric Radar technology embedded in the IBIS product line allows the remote monitoring of movements of structures such as dams, bridges, towers, buildings with sub-millimetre accuracy. IDS GeoRadar IBIS radars can be operated remotely and there is no need for direct contact with the target being monitored. IBIS-FL generates a continuous supply of deformation maps as opposed to periodic information provided by current contact sensors, with unprecedented measurement speed and accuracy. IBIS products have been specifically designed to address the needs of the civil engineering, geotechnical and mining markets.

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IDS GeoRadar Civil Engineering Solutions - Key Benefits

  • Accurate and Fast Data collection - Specific solution (RIS Hi-BrigHT) for bridge inspection allowing great productivity reduction of blocked traffic and high detailed 3D tomography;
  • Safety - remote monitoring of structural movements and real time two-dimensional mapping of simultaneous displacements;
  • Remote monitoring – No need for direct contact with the target being monitored.

RIS One & RIS Plus

Compact and lightweight ground penetrating radar


Remote static and dynamic monitoring


The advanced configuration for remote static and dynamic monitoring


Slope and structure monitoring in 2D


Ground penetrating radar for early deterioration detection


3D Ground Penetrating Radar for concrete inspection